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Jacques Lacroix Design
3400 Airport Avenue - Building B1
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(818) 693-2952


Construction and Millwork Specialties for the Entertainment
Production Industry / Acoustical Elements / Control Room Fittings

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Fine wood working / Custom Design / Metal Fabrication / Welding

Millwork / Frames / Fittings / Hardware Modification

Custom  Interior Acoustical Doors, Frames and High STC Windows

Interior Acoustical Elements / Diffusers / Flats / Wall Treatments

Workstation Manufacture / Assembly / Installation

Housings for vintage electronics  / adaptation

Patchbay and Wiring Cabinetry

Projection Room Installation / Hardware Adaptation / Lifts and Slides

Prototyping / Execution / Consultation

Small Contract Runs in Wood, Metal and Polycarbonates


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